Metabox drawer


Technical note: Meta-box draw unit

Jun 2016


This is a simple guide on how to construct a draw unit using metal draw boxes and optional plastic feet. In particular, it is an effective way to assemble draw runners, adjust draw fronts vertically and horizontally as well as a guide to the installation of plastic feet. Note that a draw unit with 3 drawers will be demonstrated.


- Left and right side panels
- Top and bottom panels
- Cabinet back panel
- Draw bottoms, fronts, and backs
- Kick front and returns (if required)
- Plastic feet
- Seen gables (if required)
- Metal-box draw

Fastening hardware

- PVA Glue
- Nail gun and staple nails (38mm long)
- Screws: 45x4mm, 35x4mm, 28x4mm, 16x3mm, 10.5x6mm
- Cordless drill and drill bit (ɸ3mm)
- No. 2 Philips bit.

Note: If a nail gun is not available, screws can be used instead.

Assembly steps

Step 1: Fix draw runners onto side panels using special 10.5x6mm screws and predrilled holes.

Step 2: Assemble top/bottom panels onto the side panels

- Apply PVA glue
- Nail gun (at least 4 nails per edge)
- Predrill and counter-sink holes* (use ɸ3mm drill bit)
- Apply 45x4mm screws
* As the front needs extra support, two screws per side are recommended. Please see the photo.

Step 3: Assemble back panel onto the carcass (similar to the above)

- PVA glue
- Nail gun
- Predrill and screw 2 spots at the top*
* In general, two screws at the top of the back panel are needed for most of the cabinets (see the photo). This is because the top fixings are usually under tension while the bottom ones are under compression, especially when the cabinet back is fixed to a wall. Extra strengthening is therefore recommended for the top fixings.

Step 4: Assemble seen gables

- Predrill and screw from the inside (4 screws per face)
- Use 28x4mm screws

Step 5: Build meta-box draws (using 16x3mm screws)

- Screw the box sides onto the draw bottom

- Join the draw end to draw sides

- Nail gun the draw bottom to the draw end to eliminate flex, especially with the wide draw

Note: For the draw end, position the screw inward to pull the draw box side nice and tight. See the photos.

Step 6: Assemble draw fronts

- Line up the wood grain if required

- Line up plastic knock-in pegs with predrilled holes and knock in gently.

- Adjust the draw front horizontally if required. See photos. 

- Adjust the draw front vertically using screw on the plate if required. Turn clockwise to go up and anti-clockwise to go down. See photo.

Step 7: Assemble plastic feet and kick-front

The height of plastic feet can be changed by turning the threaded foot and/or adjusting the height level in the foot cylinder (by using an appropriate slot). See the photos.
- Screw mounting plates onto carcass bottom using 35x4mm screws.
- Mark and fix the kick clip
- Slide the kick clip in place

Conventional kicks (alternative to plastic feet)

The overall height of the frame is 20mm shorter and its length is 40 shorter than those of the kick. See the next photos.